Simple Plan Surprises With Soulful, Uplifting “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad”

Surprise! Simple Plan is already on to their next single, the third to be heard from the quintet this summer. After releasing “Saturday” and “Boom!” in the last few months, Simple Plan just launched an unexpected new single from their still unnamed fifth studio album. “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad” is soulful and peppy, led by a strong piano riff and complemented by snazzy backup singers and horns.

“I Don’t Wanna Be Sad” is a very effective pick-me-up kind of song, as the protagonist laments his incurable melancholy. He’s ready to be happy again, but is having trouble losing the dark cloud that follows him around. He’s tried pills, therapy, exercise, and positive thinking, but maybe what he really needed was this song. This new single is sure to turn any frown upside down. Pierre Bouvier’s voice sounds better than ever and the carefree mood is impossible to ignore. Listen to “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad” below:

We first heard about “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad” (then just called “Sad”) back in July. Drummer and songwriter Chuck Comeau told Absolute Punk it is one of his favorites from the new album:

I forgot that you had heard “Sad.” That’s one of my favorites on the album. It just felt so awesome for us to do that because it has an up-tempo feel and everything, but at the same time, it’s a little bit throwback-y, it has a little bit CeeLo Green and Bruno Mars in it but then it’s mixed in with the punky energy and with the horns. I don’t want to say it has a ska influence, that’s not really the vibe we were really going for, but at the same time, that energy, that tempo with the horns, it gives a little bit of a Less Than Jake kind of feel. In terms of the lyrics, what I love is that it’s a very sort of Simple Plan theme but at the same time, there’s a very cool positive spin on it, which is rad. It’s kind of like the new version of some of the things we wrote about before. But yeah, I really like that one. One of my favorites.

You can download “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad” on iTunes now. It is the third song to be heard from Simple Plan’s anticipated fifth studio album. No title, release date, or track listing has yet been confirmed, but the record is expected out later this year or early in 2016. While we wait for the details to be sorted out, take the time to catch up on everything we know about Simple Plan’s new album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Simple Plan music news.

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