Why Don’t Artists Release All The Songs They Record?

Most music fans I know are always excited to hear more music from their favorite singers and bands. Anticipation builds into a giddy frenzy as a new album's release date approaches. When an artist performs a new song, half the audience films a video of it so fans can search it out on YouTube a…

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Top 20 Unreleased Kelly Clarkson Songs

By now, Kelly Clarkson is known for her hit singles: Big-chorused anthems about love gone wrong are her speciality, but she's also had her heart-wrenching ballads and relatable mid tempos. Everything from "Since U Been Gone" and "Because Of You" to "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" and "Already Gone" have gone down as memorable hits, and her…

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Avril Lavigne’s “Breakaway” Demo Leaks

Avril Lavigne's first album, 2002's Let Go, was a multiplatinum hit that launched the young pop singer's career almost overnight. It contained 13 songs as well as some b-sides, and later, a slew of discarded demos leaked online. However, not included in the collection of leaked demos was the early version of a song called…

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