Watch Green Day’s Moving “Still Breathing” Music Video

Green Day's new album, Revolution Radio, just came out last month. Following the aggressive and topical first single, "Bang Bang," the second single is the poignant "Still Breathing." After frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's iHeartRadio incident in 2012 stunted their trilogy promotion and landed him in rehab, this is, perhaps surprisingly, the only new song that…

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Review: Green Day Is Back On Top With ‘Revolution Radio’

Green Day’s career arc has been one most bands would envy. It’s rare for a band to continue strong for 25+ years, and rarer still for them to have continued success into their later years. But Green Day has always been special. After a strong underground start in the Bay Area, the trio released their…

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Green Day Gets Personal On “Still Breathing”

Green Day is getting ready to release their first new album in four years, Revolution Radio. Following the aggressive first single "Bang Bang" and the riotous title track, fans can now hear a third preview of the album. "Still Breathing" is the most personal song we've heard yet, one that fans may find particularly poignant. It…

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