Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Made A Crazy Video For “So Close”

If you thought Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness' last video for "Fire Escape" was weird, wait until you see his new "So Close" music video. "So Close" was one of the songs Andrew shared ahead of his new album, Zombies On Broadway, the second under his Wilderness moniker. (Before that, he was the frontman of…

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Review: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Pushes Into New Territory On Surprising ‘Zombies On Broadway’

Two years and a half years ago, Andrew McMahon released his first album under his new Wilderness moniker. 2014's Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness signaled a new musical direction had he'd hinted at on his 2013 EP, The Pop Underground. His first band, Something Corporate, represented the piano side of the punk rock scene of the early 2000s. In…

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We’re “So Close” To New Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Album

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness is always generous with the promo singles in the lead-up to a new album. His second record under this moniker, Zombies On Broadway, will be out in just one month, and we've already heard three of its songs. Our fourth taste of the new album comes with "So Close." "So…

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