Picks Of The Month: January 2017

Every month, tons of great new music comes out from a range of artists and genres. Sometimes life is busy and you may miss some songs. So we created a playlist of some of the best new songs that came out in January 2017. These pop and rock songs are just what you need to ring in the…

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Review: ‘Sorceress’ Strikes Balance Between Old And New Opeth

It’s been a while since Opeth left their death metal origins behind to focus on a more melodic, late '60s and early '70s prog rock approach. While 2014’s Pale Communion was confirmation of this relatively new style, Sorceress brings back a few elements from their darker and heavier early 2000s approach. Perhaps what makes Sorceress…

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Never Stop Discovering New Bands, Part Two

A year and a half ago, I was excited about all the new bands and singers I had discovered and loved. I shared a brief list of just 6 new artists I was passionate about and wanted more people to discover, too. Well, now that it's been so long, I thought I'd give you an…

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