Grunge Singers Gone Too Soon: A Curse Or A Coincidence?

Early this morning, news broke that Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell had died. He was only 52 years old, and apparently committed suicide by hanging. It is shocking and devastating news, and already many musicians and fans have spoken about the sorrow of such a loss. RIP, Chris Cornell. This is, sadly, not the first grunge…

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Garbage Unveils Music Video For New Single, “Empty”

Garbage just released their new single "Empty" last month, the first single from their upcoming sixth studio album, Strange Little Birds. After a few weeks of teasing, the "Empty" music video is finally out for all to enjoy. There has been talk of Garbage's new album having a similar vibe to their 1995 debut album, and the music video…

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Record Labels Vs. Artists: Let The Creators Create

For nearly as long as the music industry has existed, a certain partnership has played a vital part in keeping the business running smoothly. The first side is obviously the creative souls - songwriters, musicians, performers, singers. These are the people who make the music and the reason there is a music industry at all.…

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