Throwback To Muse’s Best Song, “Starlight”

In 2006, alternative rock band Muse released their fourth studio album. The band had been steadily rising in popularity, both in their native United Kingdom and abroad. After starting with "Supermassive Black Hole," "Starlight" was released as the second single from Black Holes & Revelations. The ballad, which gave the album its name, is perhaps the most…

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Muse’s First Week In The Studio: Sneak Peeks From Album #7

After months of teasing fans with hints about their next album (it will be heavy), Muse has finally started actually recording it. And although the band is usually fairly quiet about the process, this time around they seem to want to share the whole experience with their fans. Since they began recording earlier this month,…

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Matt Bellamy Says Muse Will “Get Heavy” On Next Album

Last week, Muse's Matt Bellamy revealed some exciting information about Muse's next album. In a brief Twitter Q&A, Matt confirmed that the new album will be out by summer 2015 and that it will "get heavy." That's great news for fans that love their heavier songs, like "Stockholm Syndrome" from their third album, Absolution. Here's…

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