20 Ways To Discover New Music

Everyone loves music. And most people can never get enough of it. But how do you discover new music to add to your collection? In a world as filled with endless musical options as ours is today, it can be difficult to sift through the sounds and find what really speaks to you. Most articles…

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Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Have 5 Songs Ready For Next Album

ETonline recently caught up with Andrew McMahon to talk about his 10 years as a cancer survivor and the Jack's Mannequin reunion tour celebrating 10 years since their debut album, Everything In Transit. Although Jack's Mannequin is no longer recording new music, Andrew McMahon has moved on to a new project, Andrew McMahon In The…

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Andrew McMahon Announces 10th Anniversary Release Of Jack’s Mannequin’s ‘Everything In Transit’

10 years ago, Jack's Mannequin released their first album, Everything In Transit. The 11 songs were pop punk perfection, and painted a story that many could relate to. Although it was an incredible album, frontman and former Something Corporate singer Andrew McMahon wasn't able to enjoy its release at first: He had leukemia, and was undergoing…

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