Welcome To The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Green Day. You’ve Earned It.

I discovered Green Day an entire decade ago. I was 14 years old, and "American Idiot" had just come out. The music video was addictive, and the song had so much energy and aggression. As a young teenager just getting into music, this was the song I needed. It took 2 more singles and an…

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Top 30 Green Day Album Tracks

Green Day is amazing, and so are the dozens of songs they've released over their 2+ decade career. We've listened to them all, and these are the best album tracks from Green Day's extensive catalog. Sorry, lovers of "Basket Case" and "21 Guns" - you won't find your favorite Green Day singles here. No, we'e focusing on those…

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Hear the New Green Day “American Idiot” Tribute Album

Ten years ago, in September 2004, Green Day released one of the biggest albums of the year - and the decade. American Idiot revived Green Day's career and changed the face of rock music in the years that followed. It was an instant classic, and remains an iconic album in rock music ten years later.…

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