Welcome To… The All-American Rejects: 25 Songs You Need In Your Life

Who doesn't love The All-American Rejects? The band started in the early 2000s with their self-titled debut. In 2005, The All-American Rejects garnered tons of attention with their hit singles, "Dirty Little Secret," "Move Along," and "It Ends Tonight," all from their second album, Move Along. They earned a hit again in 2008 with "Gives…

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Welcome To… Sara Bareilles: 20 Songs That Will Make You A Fan

This year is a special anniversary for Sara Bareilles. Ten years ago, Sara released her first major label album, Little Voice, and its lead single, "Love Song," became the kind of hit musicians dream about. Since then, Sara has churned out singles like "King Of Anything" and "Brave," both empowering anthems. Now, a full decade after…

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Welcome To… BANKS: 10 Songs You Need To Hear Now

Welcome to... BANKS. A Los Angeles native, Jillian Banks - better known simply as BANKS - has been taking the alternative R&B and alternative pop worlds by storm with her unique, resolutely dark music. She burst onto the scene in 2013 with two EPs, Fall Over and London. In 2014, her first full-length album, Goddess, enchanted and…

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