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The All-American Rejects Unreleased

The All-American Rejects’ last album came out in March 2012. Kids In The Street showed a slightly different sound for the band, but it was a great fit. The songs were more mature, more reflective, and more revealing. The whole record was amazing, and possibly their best release yet. And it certainly deserved more attention than it ended up getting.

The band released their singles and went on tour, and by early 2013, they were ready for a little break. They focused on other things for a while. Signer Tyson Ritter got engaged that April, and was married by New Year’s Day.

Finally, in mid 2014, the All-American Rejects were refreshed and ready to get back to the music again. They played some shows here and there around the summer time, but were already thinking about recording their next album. In spite of plans to record an album that fall, the band evidently did not enter the studio. In 2015 they released on new song, “There’s A Place,” for the drama film Miss You Already (in which Tyson Ritter appears). In spring 2016 the All-American Rejects officially began working on new music. The band premiered their new single, “DGAF,” live in San Diego on July 21st; the single should be released in the coming weeks! Tyson says an EP will be out by 2017.


Getting Ready to Start a New Record in Fall 2014

On August 2, 2014, a new article popped up talking about the All-American Rejects’ upcoming concert in Pennsylvania. But they also mentioned their future plans – to record a new album. Guitarist Nick Wheeler spoke to Lehigh Valle Live, saying they wanted to take a more “in-the-moment” approach to writing and recording the next record:

Tyson and I have been talking about it. We’re excited to do this record differently. Be more spontaneous and have more fun. I’m excited about having a fresh idea and going into the studio that week and turning it into something. Make it a process of days instead of months. You hear all these romantic stories about jam sessions (in the studio) that turned into something, capture the moment. … I think we’re excited to take one of those moments, if we can, and be in the moment.

Wheeler admitted doesn’t listen to the current music much, and prefers to create songs that come more from their own ideas rather than recycled trends in the contemporary music scene. He also mentioned he would like to make music spontaneously instead of re-working songs they started months earlier.

It sounds like the All-American Rejects may have a fairly quick recording process once they do enter the studio. They will start working on their new album this fall, so more news should be coming soon.


December: Starting To Write New Music?

After months of silence, the All-American Rejects finally started writing or recording new music in December 2014. Tyson Ritter shared this picture on Twitter:


May 2015: Officially Planning Album #5

The band was quiet for the first few months of 2015. In spite of announcing a mini tour for the spring, they didn’t mention any plans for the next album. Finally, in early May, singer Tyson Ritter and guitarist Mike Kennerty tweeted back and forth about the next All-American Rejects record. The four members were officially planning album #5.

Although the All-American Rejects’ next album is finally in the early stages of formation, it looks like it won’t be recorded immediately. Tyson Ritter has been cast in the HBO miniseries, Lewis and Clark, and will be recording through the summer. To look the part of his character, Tyson cannot cut his hair or shave his beard for the next six months. Tyson has also announced his plans to make an independent movie with his friend Jamie Holt; if their Indigogo campaign goes well, Kilgore Soupe will likely begin recording in the next year.

Rest assured, although Tyson will be busy with his acting, he and the rest of the band will still be working on their fifth album:


New Song “There’s A Place” Featured In Miss You Already Movie

On September 1st, the All-American Rejects announced their new song, “There’s A Place,” would be featured in an upcoming film called Miss You Already. Tyson was acting in the movie, and the Rejects got to contribute music as well.


We were still waiting for “There’s A Place” to be released in full. Although Tyson wanted to release the whole song on SoundCloud, he has not yet been permitted to do so:


New Music Video, “Into My Heart,” and Calypso

Over the last week of September, Tyson Ritter teased fans on Twitter about a new All-American Rejects music video. He did not state what song it is for or when it was filmed, but he promises we will hear more about it at the end of October:

Tyson had also been busy writing songs. He confirmed that a new track called “Into My Heart” is not for the All-American Rejects, but did not reveal what the song will be used for instead.

Tyson also shared his idea of a good album title. It’s unclear if Calypso will be the name of a new Rejects album.


“There’s A Place” Music Video

On October 29th, the All-American Rejects released the video for their movie single, “There’s A Place.” The music video features Tyson wandering a dark street with only his guitar for company, looking in the window to see a woman he seems to long for. Throughout the video, Tyson ages until his hair is all white and his face is filled with wrinkles: Time has passed and he’s still waiting, stuck in the past. The rest of the band plays calmly in an alley, not feeling those harsh effects of time. Watch the filmic “There’s A Place” music video below:

Over the previous week, Tyson Ritter took to Facebook to explain the inspiration behind “There’s A Place.” It was the first song he had written in two years – since the release of the All-American Rejects’ fourth album, Kids In The Street – and it came to him quickly. He wrote out a detailed explanation and filmed two short videos about how “There’s A Place” came to him and what it means:

Miss You Already hit theaters on November 6th, starring Tyson Ritter alongside Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore. As with the music video, the movie was directed by Catherine Hardwicke. You can download “There’s A Place” on iTunes now.


2016: The All-American Rejects Enter the Studio

As the new year began, the All-American Rejects remained quiet about any new music from the band. They occasionally took to Twitter to tease new ideas, but nothing concrete was confirmed.

In April, the band finally entered the studio to seriously work on new music!

#shredder (🐢 not 🎸)

A post shared by Nickolas Wheeler (@nickolas_wheeler) on


In June, Tyson revealed he had worked on the film scoring for a song – a first for him!

He was also actively working on new AAR music in June too. Tyson and Mike both shared plenty of Twitter updates with fans!

The All-American Rejects are working with producer Benny Cassette.

The big news for 2016: We can expect to hear ONE new song from the band before the end of the year!

Tyson also stated that the band plans to release a 5-6 song EP in 2017, as opposed to a full album.

The band already has a single they’re almost ready for fans to hear!

The band also did a photoshoot with Nolwen Cifuentes. Notice the “DGAF” hashtag.

On July 19th, Tyson announced that the band was getting ready to debut a new song live at their concert in San Diego that Thursday:


Announcing “DGAF,” Live Debut!

Benny Cassette produced the song:

You can see a live recording of the Rejects’ first performance of “DGAF” below:

The single should be released soon!


Things are getting busy in the All-American Rejects world! The band are preparing to release their new single “DGAF” in the coming weeks, with an EP to follow in 2017. You can hear a live version of “DGAF” above; the All-American Rejects also have a new song called “There’s A Place” to enjoy for now.

Beyond music, fans can expect to see Tyson Ritter on TV for 6 episodes in the 2016 miniseries, Lewis and Clark. He will also worked on his independent short film, Kilgore Soupe, and appears in the recently released movie Miss You Already.

Keep checking back here for more news and the band’s progress on the new music.

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    cannot wait for this new album. AAR has been my favorite band for 13 years and each time the waiting kills me!

  • January 23, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    update this they are officially in the studio per twitter, snapchat, and instagram even heard clips of some new songs!

    • January 31, 2017 at 9:20 pm

      Yes, excited that they’re back in the studio! We are planning to make some significant changes to this page (and the other “making the album” pages), so look out for that in the next couple of weeks. 🙂


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